Men's Tobac Goat Winn Cowboy Boot
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Men's Tobac Goat Winn Cowboy Boot
Item # A526W2
One of our best-selling boots! Tobac goat will complement any outfit in your wardrobe. Its rich, tobacco-inspired hue pairs with both black and brown. Making it an easy everyday choice. It's heavily oiled and burnished, giving it a distressed look. That will patina and get better with wear. Tobac goat is one of the most comfortable leathers on the market. It will conform to your feet, is very breathable, and is extremely soft. Making this the perfect boot to wear when you need to be on your feet. Enjoy long days doing what you love without foot pain slowing you down. Whether you're crunching leaves or turning heads on the street, you'll stand a little taller. Tobac goat boots are in stock and ready to ship in most sizes.
Price: $1195.00
Product Description
Profile: Cowboy Toe: Wide square toe Heel: 2- 1 1/2” Vamp Leather: Tobac Goat Top Leather: Tobac Goat Top Height: 12” Scallop: 2” Sole: Leather Welt Stitch: 3/4 Stitch pattern: Winn Toe bug: yes Made in Salina, UT
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